Reverse Osmosis and My Coffee Addiction

Whether you’re a Keurig fan, love your Nespresso, or swear by your Aeropress, coffee lovers are all united by that one thing – the adoration of the humble coffee bean.

One of the things we get asked most about is if reverse osmosis water is good for coffee brewing, and the answer is… yes! Great coffee starts with the water you brew it with.

It starts with the water…

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (the SCAA – and yes, there is such a thing) has published standards for the ideal water for coffee making. According to them, you want your water to be:

  • absolutely odor-free;
  • clear appearance;
  • no chlorine at all; and
  • a neutral pH of as close to 7 as possible.

How does reverse osmosis measure up?

The answer is check, check, check, and… check.

…and ends with the taste

So that’s the science – but what do tasters have to say?

Coffee expert Marc Wortman from weighs in, saying “not only will it not affect the flavor of your coffee adversely, but it will likely make it taste even better.”

As published by The Roasterie, “98-99% of your coffee is just water, so the quality of your water plays an undeniable role in the quality of your coffee…we recommend using filtered water because tap water will often include chlorine and other elements that will affect your coffee’s flavor. However, reverse-osmosis water is the best choice.”

Water Tech Online delves a little deeper into why, saying that reverse osmosis “removes 96-99 percent of TDS and hardness, including heavy metals, chloride, iron, lead, nitrate, sulfate and even chromium-6” – all contaminants that can impact the quality of your coffees and espressos.

Because reverse osmosis is pure and unadulterated water, it allows for the real flavor of the coffee to shine through, making the taste brighter and more true. And of course, it doesn’t hurt that using purified water in your coffee machine means descaling is a thing of the past. No cakey build-up = no need to clean!

The Bottom Line

Delicious coffee and full-bodied teas are far from the only reason to opt for reverse osmosis in your home. If you’re concerned about the contaminants in your tap water and how your family’s health may be affected, a reverse osmosis system is the best way to take those worries away.

While there are many things up for debate when it comes to making a good cup of coffee, one thing is for sure – the best way to enjoy your cup is distraction-free.

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