How we started in the water treatment industry

To put it simply, hard water makes your life, well, hard. In 1998, we moved into a new home, and began experiencing the problems that come with hard water. Our dishes and cutlery would come out of the dishwasher spotted, we had tremendous mineral build-up in our kettle, and we would constantly be suffering from dry skin and hair. Not only that, but the taste of our water was unbearable.

We knew we had to do something about it, and that’s when we began our search for a water softener. It was a terrible experience. With every store we went to, the first question we were asked was What are you looking to spend?

Something felt uncomfortable, but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it. Luckily, the more we learnt, the more we realized that it wasn’t about our budget, it was about our water problem and finding the solution that was right for us.

Many factors come into play when choosing a water softener, and the process wasn’t being made simple or straightforward for us. When we asked technical questions, we were either brushed off, or given basic information that we could have come up with ourselves. Instead of What are you looking to spend? What’s your budget? the first questions that should have been asked were Are you on municipal water? What is your hardness? How many people do you have in the home?

Personally experiencing this gap is why we decided to enter the water treatment industry, and become dealers of EcoWater products. Innovation is at the heart of everything they believe and everything they do, and are driven by their customer and market focus. They make an effort to equip their dealers with the information they need to be able to truly satisfy their customers.

After fixing water problems and producing happy customer after happy customer, we just want to create more win-wins. Pop in for a visit – we’d love to meet you and hopefully make one more happy customer.