A Water Softener Protects Your Home

Your home is your biggest investment. Why wouldn't you want to protect it?

Owning a home is expensive. Especially over time, mortgages, maintenance, and the little expenses really add up. But there’s something you can do to minimize that… invest in a water softener.

Here’s how a water softener works:

Inside the water softener are beads of resin that act like a magnet, drawing the hard minerals (the calcium and magnesium) out from your water.

These minerals are responsible for causing scale build-up in your pipes, in water-using appliances like your dishwasher and hot water tank, and on your fixtures, like your showerhead and faucet.

Over time, this translates to unnecessarily high costs in cleaning products, detergents, and appliance repair and replacement.

How does a water softener save me money?

Fun fact: A water softener pays for itself within just 3 years. And with a brand that’s known to last the test of time… that’s a lot of savings!

Here are the ways a water softener will save you money:

1. Protects your pipes

Hard water leaves mineral build-up inside your water pipes, especially when your home has steel piping. When this happens, the inside diameter is reduced, restricting water flow and increasing turbulence in the water. Over time, this can be abrasive and cause the pipes to wear thin, making your piping more prone to leaks.

2. Increases the longevity of your appliances and fixtures

Have you noticed that annoying build-up in your kettle? On your showerheed? The spots on your dishwasher? That’s all caused by hard minerals, and they also build up on the appliances and fixtures you don’t even see, like the inside of your hot water tank. That build-up leads to corrosion over time, resulting in the need of repair or replacement far more frequently than without a water softener.

Your hot water tank will also use a lot more energy when the heating element is caked with hard water minerals, increasing your energy costs — a problem you won't have with soft water.

3. Saves on cleaning products

You don’t realize it, but the cost of cleaning products really do add up. With a softener, your need for soap, dishwasher rinse-aid, laundry detergent, and even fabric softener are more than halved. Plus, you won’t need the harsh (and often expensive) chemical-based cleaning products to keep your tubs and shower heads free of soap scum build-up. A water softener ensures that there are none of the hard minerals that react with your soap to create that build-up.

4. Longer-lasting clothing, linens, and towels

If you’re in a home with hard water, you’ve probably noticed that your clothes tend to fade faster, and your bed sheets and towels are scratchy and don’t seem to last as long as they do for others. This isn’t due to not using enough fabric softener, it’s because the calcium and magnesium react with your detergent to create a film on the surface of the fabric, making them appear duller and preventing the fabric softener from doing its job.

Are there downsides to owning a water softener?

There could be... here's the truth:
Cheaper doesn't always mean a good deal.
Some water softeners are designed to accommodate a price point rather than to be efficient and a good long-term investment. These can require a ton of maintenance, requiring a lot more salt than should be necessary to keep them running, resulting in unnecessary expenses, additional effort, and sometimes, costly repairs.

Many people have fallen for scams that have sold them inefficient and low-quality water softeners at exorbitant prices. In fact, we've had customers who've had to replace their softeners within two years, after spending close to three times market value.

We were almost one of those victims when we were in the market for a water softener, almost 25 years ago. It was actually that experience that helped us to realize the need in this industry for sales that were ethical and customer-centred, rather than pushy and sleazy.

Now, 20 years later, we've been proof positive that you don't need to be scammy to succeed in this industry.

We only sell products we stand by and use ourselves, and for us... that's EcoWater.

Why we choose EcoWater

One of the oldest and largest companies in water treatment, they've manufactured water treatment systems for the brands you know like Kenmore, Whirlpool, and GE. In fact, 1 in 4 water softeners sold around the world today are manufactured by EcoWater.

Here's why we choose them, for our own home and yours:

1. Made entirely in the USA

Your average water softener is assembled from parts made all over the world. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it can mean that sourcing replacement parts when the time comes can be an unnecessary hassle.

EcoWater makes each component of every water softener itself, designing, engineering, and manufacturing 95% of its products and components in their own facilities, and in accordance with international water product standards... and that's probably why they're renowned for their ability to withstand the test of time. (More than a few of our customers have had their EcoWater water softeners for over 20 years!)

2. Efficiency and increased cost savings

With over 40 active patents, EcoWater sets the standard for the entire industry, and we're not just saying that. They're the oldest and largest water treatment company in the entire world, and they save their best technology for their own line of water softeners.

EcoWater water softeners require up to 80% less salt than generic brands to function. For our own home (with 4 people), we use about 3 to 4 bags of salt every year. In contrast, our neighbour uses 8 to 12. That's a lot of heavy lifting!

3. Reliable service and troubleshooting

All of the main components of EcoWater softeners are straightforward and incredibly easy to service. What this means for you is that if service is required, it's a simple fix that doesn't take significant time, money, and effort. We service several brands of water softeners, and can confidently say that EcoWater softeners are the simplest to take care of.

The new line of softeners are all equipped with WiFi connectivity and will alert you if any potential issues arise. If there are any issues, your water softener can also communicate with us, helping us diagnose and troubleshoot your problem with minimal effort.

Is it time for the next step?

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