How can an EcoWater system help you?

EcoWater’s unique water treatment system technology is specifically designed for optimum efficiency and long life.
When your life is frustrated by any of the following water problems, we can help.
Reach out via our contact form or give us a call at (416) 491-9945.

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What our customers say

It is great to walk into the Waterelated store and be recognized by the owners with a good morning and my name! The owners make it a point to know their customers personally, and are very knowledgeable and won’t sell you anything you don’t need. I highly recommend this location.

Wendy B.

We had purchased an ERO 375 reverse osmosis water system from Waterelated Products in 2011.  The performance of the system has been extremely good. Whenever we have had any problem with changing the filters or sanitizing the tank, they have been most helpful in guiding us step-by-step over the phone instead of charging for a technician to be sent over.

Kamyar A.

In my many years of dealing with service people I would like to say you’re #1 in my books. I want to thank both of you (Al and Sayda) for being so helpful, polite and sincere. When I get a chance to get down to that part of the city I will make a point of dropping in to thank you both in person.

Dev C.

Sayda and Al treat everyone’s water system as if it were their own. They have always been responsive and highly attentive in monitoring our water, helping with service as needed, and helping us choose a cost-effective replacement for our old system. This is a family business with service and professionalism as its middle name. EcoWater Waterelated is highly recommended.

Helen L.
Exceptional service- over and above my expectations! We trouble shooted on the phone to begin the process of ascertaining whether or not a service call was necessary.. Thank you Zahid for your great care and attention to all details!
Gisele Bedard
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